We're now into our fifth year in business and, in true Agile Human style, paused and reflected on our experiences so far with the clients we've been fortunate to engage with and thought "what next?".

Ian's helping people and businesses transform through incremental change, with workshop facilitation, experiential learning & development, and wellbeing programmes.


Kate's now fully focused on counselling individuals through psychodynamic therapy.


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impact days

We develop and facilitate workshops that generate new ideas and fresh thinking, resolve current challenges, and promote positive change... they create real impact. 


We love getting people together, guiding the conversation, and challenging thinking... the focus is on actionable output and positive incremental change. 


We also have a range of tried and tested 90-minute interactive workshops aimed at helping people lean into change, become more resilient, learn about self-awareness, think more positively, build their self-confidence and develop techniques to embrace anxiety and stress.

LEARNINg & development

Ian's delivering experiential learning programmes combining training, coaching and on-the-job learning, where everything is tied to ‘live’ client and prospect work.


Ian has a toolkit with tried & tested frameworks that your teams can utilise to improve how they go to market and interact with clients and prospects.

Elements include consultative selling, win-win negotiation, collaborative relationship management, working smarter & more efficiently, value proposition development, strategic thinking, key account planning, stakeholder management & triangulation, and effective communications.

Ian adopts a practical approach, focusing on learning and actionable output that can be put into practice immediately... output that delivers measurable business benefits.

incremental change = positive impact

Ian's worked with a variety of business leaders in helping them change and grow their organisations.

Focus areas include improving the way a sales team sells, how a client services team builds successful long-term relationships, taking a fresh look at the client experience & journey, and how to go-to-market effectively.

Everything is geared around incremental change, creating quick wins whilst ensuring there's an aligned, long-term strategy in place to get to where a business and its people want to be.


Robbie Traube
Chief Revenue Officer


"Ian’s always demonstrated a passion for doing what’s right for our clients and has put huge effort into developing trusting relationships at CxO level both with clients and our strategic partners. He’s a solid operator."

Nasrin Hossain

Chief Culture Officer

Shepherds Friendly

"Kate and Ian delivered a fantastic, interactive and experiential Discovery Day, which I can see has helped each colleague in their wellbeing journey.  I highly recommend the experience!"

Alexia Binyom

Senior Sales Manager EMEA


"Thank you, Kate, for your precious advice!  I believe that our 1-2-1 coaching sessions have been really helpful and crucial to my journey. I hope that more people have the chance to benefit from you and your expertise."


let's kick-start a conversation

And why Agile Human?

Agile is an approach based on the principle of iterative and incremental development; testing, learning and refining as you progress. It's a more flexible way of living and working.


We've taken the principle of Agile and applied it to people with amazing results. It's all about creating Agile Humans through incremental change and personal development. 


We know it works - we've seen the difference it makes with the people we're engaging with - and we embrace it ourselves, every day. Try it for yourself.

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