Steven Shapiro

VP Marketing - Americas


Ian is one of the most talented executives I've had the pleasure to work with during my career. His expertise, attention to detail, vision, and pro-activeness was instrumental in our successful Relationship Marketing implementation when I was at Norton.


His work ethic and dedication (e.g. 'do whatever it takes') was critical during our engagement and is representative of his nature. In short, Ian is an absolute rock star. To any potential client or manager: do yourself a favor and hire him. He delivers.

Mike Piddock

Chief Executive Officer


With a young, dynamic team that’s always keen to develop its thinking and skill-set, I was looking for something different to engage our colleagues.


And we found it with Agile Human.


Their Power Pod format works really well… a punchy, interactive 90-minutes that enabled us all to switch off from the day job and focus on ourselves… something that many of us find hard to do, given the pace of work and life these days.

Lee Noon

Digital Director


Kate and Ian helped us kick-start LV= Digital Team’s wellbeing programme and we’ve really enjoyed working with them. Warm, engaging, professional and open, they’ve brought their unique approach to our team, enabling everyone to find something of value and benefit.

And the team appears more positive, motivated and productive as a result; they are definitely more open with us about their real-life issues, meaning we can support them better. 10/10 for Agile Human. I would recommend to any team or business 

Amy Callaghan

Senior Project Manager


I had three, 1-2-1 coaching programmes with Kate over the past few years to help me prioritise my personal and professional workloads. Upon her recommendation, I started meditating and journaling daily which has helped me get a sense of balance at the beginning and end of my day.


One of the most helpful things was the questions Kate asked, often challenging me to answer something difficult or see something from an alternative viewpoint. It isn't easy to think outside of the box or tackle difficult topics and my sessions with her encouraged me to do just that. 

Michael Williamson


True Loyal Fans

Ian is a first-rate strategic account and business development leader, with excellent planning and relationship management skills. Importantly, he really cares about the final outcome for his clients and delivering true value into their business.

He is a very rare breed and a brilliant, energising guy to work with. I would have no hesitation to assign large, global, complex projects for Ian to organise and manage for my company.

Mike Stamp

Head of Global Talent EMEA


I'm a great fan of Ian, having hired him into Adobe. He is a consummate sales professional and a valued colleague and friend.


Ian constantly demonstrates his high levels of IQ and EQ expertly through his communication and listening skills. He easily converts strategy into action, has been a massive supporter of Adobe's Field Enablement efforts, and has been a perfect fit into Adobe's culture.

Ben Ralph

Head of Marketing Effectiveness


The initial Discovery Day workshop was a real eye-opener for me, personally, as it was for the team; for many of us this was the first time we’ve taken the opportunity to pause, reflect, and take stock of where we are with our life, our business goals, and our general wellbeing.


The on-going 1-2-1 coaching programme has proved invaluable and I can see the positive impact its having. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.

Leif J Friestad


Conidia Bioscience

I first met Ian when he was at Epsilon. Ian immediately struck as a very open and transparent person in dealing with people, a “pragmatic optimist”, coupled with drive, passion, and getting things done.


He was a solid coach and effective leader with focus on dominant priorities. I hope we will working together again one day.

Lucy Mason


Green Bird Communications

Ian is a wonderful business coach. He's full of encouragement, great energy, and warm wisdom, and we really enjoyed our meetings with him.


He's very easy to open up to and trust, and brilliant at helping us work out where our business is going and how to get there.

Paddy Thompson

Founder and CEO


I am fortunate enough to have Ian as a Business Coach and I thoroughly value our relationship. Ian's experience and approach perfectly complement my style and business.

His coaching style was encouraging and engaging, whilst his experience was vital in highlighting areas of opportunity for me and my business. On a personal note, I found the connection with Ian to be incredibly helpful, it allowed me to see ways through stressful or complicated periods, and it supported me to be bolder in my actions if my motives were sound. 


This is a valuable professional relationship that I hope lasts for a very long time.

Ben Brearley

Founder and Director

Black Chilli Video

Ian is a breath of fresh air. We are a young company so have come up against many challenges so far. Navigating these with such limited business knowledge was a struggle...enter Ian.


He has really helped us to focus on the aspects of our business that need the right amount of attention at the right time and to really deep-dive into them.


On a personal note, Ian is very passionate, knowledgeable and a great bloke to be around, which makes for really powerful and insightful meetings. We really can't recommend him highly enough!

Piers Palmer

Founder and Director


An absolutely fantastic day - Kate and Ian helped us step back and take a fresh look at how we’re approaching work, life and our general wellbeing.


Delivered in a highly interactive and informative way, their approach is quite unique; never experienced a day like this.


Recommended to any business that wants to invest in their people’s welfare, improve motivation and focus, and ultimately get their teams working more efficiently and effectively.  

Matt Fabyonic

Sales Executive

WiFi Spark

I recently had the pleasure of attending an Agile Human Power Pod with the talented Kate and Ian. What is obvious from the start of the session is that these guys know their stuff; they have clearly 'been there' and know how to articulate this to a group.


Their approach, and the material they’ve created, helps you 'step away' from the corporate world; all you have to do is relax, engage, and feel the benefits which are clear from the off. I really enjoyed the session; highly recommended.

Stephen Thornton

Founder and Director

Deerbridge Finance

I have been using Ian as my business coach for about six months and I have found his approach superb. He understands me, and my business; his process fits with my more creative side with the use of diagrams and graphical models, which I find easier to use when mapping out thought processes.

He is always positive and has helped me push my business and my ideas to the next level. In terms of growth, I have always had the ideas in my head of where I wanted to take my business, but these have been brought to the fore much quicker with the help of Ian.  

Excellent. I can't recommend Ian enough.